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I Am an Expert in Helping Businesses Start

by E. Gavi and Ibukun Olajide | Oct. 2021

Meet Ibukun! She is a Christian, wife, mother of two young boys and an expert in helping businesses start! A lot of people are stuck with an idea based on passion and don't know how to turn it into profit. In 2018 Ibukun took her passion for chillies and turned it into a fully viable artisan chilli product business. In 2020, she took her passion for leadership and creativity and turned it into a fully-fledged coaching business, using actionable training material and methodology to mentor and guide individuals just like you to do the same: turn your passion into profit.

In a recent interview Ibukun takes you through her personal journey. She shares about her big and small wins, the pitfalls she encountered and how she recovered, and her winning processes. She is an expert in helping businesses start and will effortlessly put a plan in motion that will fast-track you through the paces of WHO - WHAT - WHEN - WHY and then show you…HOW!

Photo Credits: Photo by Ibukun Olajide


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