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I had to re-evaluate my role which I am no longer happy with due to stress and excessive bureaucracy. I wanted to identify options for my future and have a better life /work balance also to clarify and plan how I am  going to achieve my new goals. Ibukun has helped me to be specific about what I need and her professional approach is both helpful and motivating. Being able to bounce off her helped me to "get unstuck”. Her coaching has brought a fresh and different perspective and has given me the opportunity to reflect honestly on what I want and to plan for my future roles with confidence. Being an entrepreneur and professional , Ibukun is a self-driven, authentic and  motivated achiever who sets a good example to those wanting to empower  themselves and upskill. Sally Van Minnen, UK

Prior to working with Ibukun I was on the path to redundancy with no clear career plan or goals. I had a  significant guilt issue due to the nature of my job taking up a significant amount of time that I could have spent with my family and I felt I was not able to give the appropriate amount of attention to anyone. I also never prioritised myself. Ibukun helped me create a space to consider what I wanted my life to be like in terms of career and family time. Through working with her I realised I would have settled for comfort in what I have always done professionally she questioned me to take accountability for my future career path and pursue a role that brings me joy and challenge, to also realise what really made me happy and she helped me come up with the plan on my next steps. I am now enjoying a brand-new career that has set me on a path to promotion. I am still using the wheel of life tool to identify areas of my life, especially family & friend’s time that can be improved. Having gone through this process I am more aware and able to analyse other areas of my life I want to enhance and how to hold myself to account for it. Kay Burgess, UK


I had self-confidence and workload prioritisation issues prior to working with Ibukun, she helped me with better understand the dynamics of my environment and co-workers influencing my way of working. Also helped me contrast my pace of thinking with others I work with and logically explained to me how I need to adapt my leadership and communication style, she challenged me to go through my fear and ‘just do it’. I am enjoying ‘the just do it’ mentality which I get to when there is nothing else to drill down to. The tow trucking tool is a benefit that I am still using today in leading people in my team. Patricia Vlad, Switzerland


Before I started working with Ibukun I was a self-reflective person but not action oriented about the outcome of my reflections. I wanted things to be perfect before pitching to my colleagues which led to inaction as I was not confident on how to go about it. She helped me with understanding the advantage of coaching, she coached me into the right mindset and gave me the tools of being able to self-coach in work situations and also identify how situations serve me which allowed me to move to action. This has enabled me to feel more in control of my career path and to make sound decisions about my next role. Matty Pownall, UK


Ibukun and I attended the same coaching training course whilst working in the corporate world. That afforded me the opportunity of being coached by her and observing her coaching style. Ibukun's style is one of quiet listening, whilst creating a space of trust and security. She is naturally empathetic and adept at helping clients reach their goals. Ibukun has a great personality and all the skills of a good coach. Linda Stephens, Executive Coach


Ibukun’s passion in coaching was evident from my first meeting with her. I have been impressed by her grit and determination to deliver her 110% for every project she is on, and particularly astounded by her keen commercial acumen and foresight in seizing upon and resolving potential issues that could crop up years down the road. Besides being an avid problem solver and long-term thinker, Ibukun is a thought leader who questions and weighs the ultimate purposes and value behind the work we do, and the work we ask people to do. Not every contribution adds value and Ibukun is crystal clear about chasing value for everyone, letting no resource wastage slip past her gates. Her avid focus to deliver, innate drive and care to foster growth in people’s lives has left an indelible mark on my budding career. I fully recommend Ibukun. Lydia Chua, Singapore

Good morning Ibukun. Just want to say how grateful I am for the coaching I received from you. I found it really uncomfortable having to confront some personal issues through the coaching process but thankfully I have kept at it and as you can see the sales of my lotion are more consistent and moving in the right direction. Thank much for everything.  Coaching is it - this is the best results I have had ever since I started selling online. Thank you once again and keep up the good work. Kerhon, Essex 

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