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How Do You Identify the Right Business Coach for You?

By E. Gavi and Ibukun Olajide | Sep. 2021

So, this week, I am inviting you to consider what are some of the factors that define the hallmark of a great coach, and how you can go about finding one.

Whilst it would be easy for me to list the top 10 desirable qualities in a coach, I prefer to ask you to explore: what do you naturally do best? What are your strengths and weaknesses? This speaks to self-awareness which (unless you are actively and intentionally pursuing a journey of establishing or re-defining your identity) would be difficult to harness, however with the right coach not impossible .

Frankly, everybody needs a coach in and/or for one or more spheres and seasons of one's life. For example, starting a business can be made easier by working alongside a business coach, here’s how I found the right and best fit for me:

  1. I paid attention to how they responded to me when I shared my vision.

  2. I was mindful of how I was feeling when they mirrored my thoughts to me: I felt validated!

  3. They pinpointed my strengths - those with which I identified, and those that I would never in a million years have considered to be personal strengths of mine.

  4. They had a system that yielded desired results and I wanted to duplicate that blueprint for myself.

  5. Last but certainly not least...they had an attitude/posture of genuine, authentic “service”. Boom!!!

All the above is to say this: they gave me clarity (no pun intended - “Power in Clarity”...get it?!?! :)) and a fresh perspective. Plus, I was certain that their primary goal was to set me up for success!

That said, consider: are you ready to be coached? It is worth noting that “accountability” will be a key component (if not the key component) of this process. Can you commit to a process that can at times be challenging? For significant return on investment of time and effort?

Challenge of the week...before you chicken a Clarity Call...yes...NOW!

‘Til next time…

Photo Credits: Photo by Binti Malu


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