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Why Am I Here? What Was I Created To Be And Do?

Don’t know about you, but anyone who has experienced the last 18 months of the global pandemic will have been forced to re-assess, or at the very least reflect on THE WHY behind their existence and what they do. This topic will resonate differently with everyone depending on who or what you rely upon for your identity and where you find yourself in your life journey. Figuring out our purpose in life can be daunting, but it starts with the right steps towards peace and self-acceptance. You can begin by gaining clarity from Power in Clarity Coaching!

Rick Warren’s bestselling “The Purpose-Driven Life” could not articulate what on earth we are here for better! We all will -- if we haven’t already – find ourselves at some point in our lives drifting when we lose our centre and become unclear about our life purpose, and we will need the right handbook and/or person to help us navigate the uncharted territory. The human mind is a curious thing and ultimately we all want to know what we were created to do. People will often turn to religion to look for answers, but in today’s world where clashes in faith bring more hatred than tolerance, people are turning to different philosophies of life.

What if I told you that everything you need to live a full, productive, balanced and fulfilled life is already inside of you? No ‘woo-woo’ in that statement!! All you need is the right key and the right guide to help unlock the real YOU, the untapped potential! and the passion you can turn into profit! We are conditioned to look externally, around us, to our influences and influencers, in order to find our identity. But, the best place you can start is with YOU to fully understand your identity.

We at Power in Clarity Coaching are on a mission to equip you and our youth with the right mindset training that will help eliminate self-doubt and some of those emerging symptoms of imposter syndrome.

So, if you have been procrastinating on making those meaningful changes to your life that reflect your true values, because you are wondering who-what-where-when-how do I start…look no further! Ibukun, of Power in Clarity Coaching, will keep you honest and accountable with her stepped-approach coaching methodology. Just sign up here!

Until next time!

Why Am I Here? What Was I Created To Be And Do? Posted on 23rd August, 2021 By E. Gavi and Ibukun Olajide

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