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Prior to working with Ibukun I was on the path to redundancy with no clear career plan or goals. I had a  significant guilt issue due to the nature of my job taking up a significant amount of time that I could have spent with my family and I felt I was not able to give the appropriate amount of attention to anyone. I also never prioritised myself. Ibukun helped me create a space to consider what I wanted my life to be like in terms of career and family time. Through working with her I realised I would have settled for comfort in what I have always done professionally she questioned me to take accountability for my future career path and pursue a role that brings me joy and challenge, to also realise what really made me happy and she helped me come up with the plan on my next steps. I am now enjoying a brand-new career that has set me on a path to promotion. I am still using the wheel of life tool to identify areas of my life, especially family & friend’s time that can be improved. Having gone through this process I am more aware and able to analyse other areas of my life I want to enhance and how to hold myself to account for it. Kay Burgess, UK

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