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How to Leave a Well-Paying Job and Pursue Your Passion

As the world progresses, competition in the private sector has increased ten-fold. More and more people want a job, any job that can pay their bills and help them bear their expenses. Inflation has led people to believe that if they go after their dreams and wait for the right opportunity, they will be left behind and succumb to poverty. The fear of not being able to afford things has compelled people to invest their time and energy into jobs they have no interest in doing, or detest waking up for in the first place, as long as they pay their bills and keep a roof over their heads.

Waking up and showing up for a job you don’t enjoy doing eventually affects your physical and mental health, which can trigger other wider issues for you down the road. Therefore, you should pursue your passion – something that drives you, something you enjoy, something that excites you.

However, is it easy to give up on a well-paying job and pursue your dreams?


Is it possible?

Yes, but there is a twist!

Let’s find out how to leave a well-paying job and pursue your passion in this article.

1. Identify Your Ideal Career

Before leaving your current job, the first thing you need to do is to figure out what your ideal career entails. Seek to identify your natural gifts and talents, your passion, something that brings you joy –that you could dedicate the rest of your life doing.

What do you need to do to pursue this career? What is it that you are good at – something that comes naturally to you? Strive to find out the answers to these questions before leaving your current job.

2. Evaluate Your Current Job

Before you decide to call it quits, it is important to analyse the key aspects of your current job and compare them with the one you are about to pursue. The twist to leaving your job and pursuing a new one, is not leaving your current job without ensuring your financial stability. You can actually pursue your dream career (as a side hustle!) without quitting your day job.

Look at whether or not your current job aligns with your beliefs and values. Analyse the repercussions you may have to face should you end up quitting prematurely. Is it a factor affecting your ideal career choice? Is it helping it in any way? If yes, then hold on to it until you have achieved stability in your new venture.

3. Set Your Priorities

Always know which way to go because you plan it that way. There is a nagging question – money vs. passion? If you are truly passionate about something, go for it not focusing on how little it pays compared to your job. Start with what you have and build gradually, money follows passion! Start with what you have and build gradually, money follows passion! Make up your mind and set your priorities. Be mindful though, of the fact that you will have to give something up and/or invest in yourself to reach your desired goal(s) in the short term. A great business coach will support you in shortening the time in achieving success in your venture, helping you start and continue well.

Final Word

Leaving a well-paying job to pursue your passion can be a difficult decision to make. One of the most pressing concerns is the financial aspect. Know that things might be a bit tight for a short period of time; however, keeping your eye on the bigger picture will be worth it in the end. There is no better feeling than being happy doing what you do, as ultimately, your joy and value of what you bring to society in solving a problem will bring profit to your passion venture.

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