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Multi-Passionate Individuals and their Road to Success

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

"Jack of all trades, master of none!" A figure of speech used to describe people that have dabbled in various fields of interest but don't have the expertise of one specific skill. This saying has been around for a while, and historically speaking, it doesn't carry the most positive connotation.

But the question we need to ask is, why is it so wrong to have multiple passions instead of sticking to one thing for the rest of our lives? If you find yourself being fascinated by multiple disciplines like art, music, gardening, and finance, congratulations! You're a multi-passionate person and it's high time you own this star quality!

What Does Being Multi-Passionate Mean?

To have multiple passions is like your brain being wired to respond to anything related to your areas of interest. You end up diving deep into the subject matter and begin to explore all the opportunities you can create for yourself.

As a teenager, you might find it difficult to focus on one thing and easily get distracted by something that gains your attention and sparks joy. You may even encounter adults labelling you as a ‘non-finisher’, but the truth is, you're just curious, your creativity is inspired by a variety of things in your environment, and these other things seem more important to you than school subjects.

As adults, multi-passionate people are extremely easy to pinpoint because their life experiences give it away. You might have interned and worked in corporate organisations, you've done art direction for music videos, you've played a small role in a web-series, you find yourself organising events and social gatherings, and you have a keen interest in making your own wine at home. Sounds like a lot of things packed into one individual, but people like this do exist! Striking a balance between all these interests and generating a stream of active and/or residual income comes naturally to multi-passionate people. Ibukun can take you through a 1-2-3 step process to help you achieve this!

Pros of Being Multi-Passionate

Being a multi-passionate person means your life is one long journey of switching simultaneously from one passion project to the next. You have all this creative energy that you wish to showcase to the world and with the right attitude, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Here are some descriptors that set you apart from the rest:

Multi-talented - with a broad range of interests and hobbies, you have looked into and tried your hand at what excited you the most. You are creative and have the skillset to come up with innovative ways to excel in your field(s). Through numerous and colourful life experiences, and your ability to make connections to understand the world better gives you a definitive edge over your peers.

High Energy - from reading books on different subject matters to subscribing to podcasts that broaden your horizons, multi-passionate people have this innate quality of always being receptive to new information that keeps their minds ticking. Being excited about something inspires you to do something about it and helps you showcase your achievements and milestones.

An Abundance of Happy Chemicals - multi-passionate people are seldom pictured as down-in-the-dumps or sitting idle. They are constantly charged and look forward to the next thing on their agenda. With every recognition and appreciation you receive for your multi-dimensional personality, you experience a rush of dopamine. This motivates you to keep doing what you're doing until you see a tangible result.

How to Build a Life with Multiple Passions

Whether we realise it or not, no human being is one-dimensional. Just because multi-passionate people are often described as multi-talented, energised, go-getters does not mean they don’t ever experience fear of failure, fear of rejection or shame when they fail/fall. What makes them winners is the numerous times they get up again. You can explore different passions and critically evaluate what your niche(s) is/are as well as which of them do you want to build expertise in.

Counsellors and self-help experts advise that your 20’s are when you should know no limits. The world is your oyster and for the next decade, they recommend you explore your passions and gain the professional experience you need. Once you have had tried your hand at everything, your 30s are when most people really start to figure out what it is that they want to do that will get them out of bed every morning.

There's no definite timeline or benchmark for success, but people can have more than one passion and prioritising the most exciting one will lead to a more fulfilling career/ business. Connect with Ibukun, at Power in Clarity Coaching to find out more about how to get started!

Until next time!


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