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How to Identify Your Passion

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Everyone says – pursue your passions! We have heard this phrase ever since we stepped foot inside a school; however, is it that easy to pursue your passion? How are you going to pursue something if you have no idea what it looks like? Passion looks like something!

Most people don’t know their true passion in life. And they are not at fault; it is not as easy as you think. Many factors are involved in the process of identifying your passion. Here are some tips that will help you explore your passion in life:

Open Yourself to New Opportunities

If you operate in a self-pity mindset where you think you aren’t good at anything, you might end up having the ill fate of not understanding your God-given talents. You are what you think you are; therefore, it is important to open yourself up to new opportunities and be on the lookout for signs of new things. Do what terrifies you but excites you at the same time. Be inspired to actively seek your passion, and it will find you in return.

Explore Yourself

Don’t live a monotonous life where you are in the habit of waking up and spending your day in a daze or in endless worry. Instead, make time for self-care. Explore yourself by asking questions – what is it that makes me happy? What is it that excites me to no end? What is the one thing I do where I lose track of time?

Exploring yourself, your likes and dislikes, the things you enjoy, and the things you detest tells you so much about the route that you are destined to take. This is your way towards your goals, your passion – the one thing that brings a smile to your face. Explore your natural gits and talents. You will be amazed by you are good at.

Learn to Distinguish Between a Hobby and a Passion

Once you explore what you like, you might end up thinking about a hobby you love to spend hours on; however, you should be able to distinguish between a passion and a hobby. Your passion will lead you to profit and fulfilment. On the other hand, your hobby will restrict you to only engaging in your spare time. Figure out the difference!

Face Your Fears

If you are worried or afraid of the outcome of something, you might want to give up on the task altogether. However, you need to remind yourself that giving up is not an option. Face your fears and be ready for whatever life throws your way. It will boost your confidence and restore your self-esteem. Who knows, it might be something you will grow to be passionate about, and profit from.

Final Word

Failure should not bring you down; it should encourage you to do bigger and better things in life because it is just another learning experience. Self-exploration is a journey. But, hang in there! If you get stuck somewhere, find the right people to help you out.

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