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As Furlough Ends…

by E. Gavi and Ibukun Olajide | Oct. 2021

If you thought lockdown was over and that you could just move on with life back in the office, you thought wrong! Like grief that takes us five stages to process, it seems as though life after lockdown is hauling us through multiple conflicting stages of re-entry into society.

The Government has supported retaining jobs through the Job Retention Scheme for as long as it can, and furlough has now ended! This now means that employers will have to raid their bottom lines to finance their workers’ wages and salaries, which they may find they are unable to afford due to declining business. This will then mean inevitable redundancies being finalised over video calls.

So, where does this leave employees and jobseekers? Well, it leaves most people with the daunting process of finding out if they still have a job and if so, whether they want to go back to the job that they were only doing as a means-to-an-end; to pay their bills. And by-the-way, you watch as the rate of sick leave and occupational health skyrockets post 30th September, 2021!

This is a situation a lot of people are dreading. But please hear me when I say: first, take a deep breath, decide what you want to achieve in life personally and then professionally. Then, reach out to a Power in Clarity Coach who will take you from the planning to the implementation of your newly found vision. It is one of the best investments you will ever make in your lifetime. Equally, for small businesses, we can help you plan how you can support your business as furlough ends.

Photo Credits: Photo by SHVETS production

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